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A typical office wall outlet has three electrical connections, which are the "hot", "neutral", and grounding" wires.
All office equipment requires only the hot and neutral wires to function. The third or grounding wire is connected to exposed metal parts on the equipment.
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In today's critical and competitive business environment, "always available" is synonymous with Cablepro Data Services.

Cablepro has been tested and has proven its ability to provide services to solve Network Physical Infrastructural Issues.

We install and maintain sensitive electrical/electronic network communication for all business sizes.

Cablepro is best known for its dedicated team of professionals and our ready to deliver and innovative solutions to real customer problems.
Companies spend thousands of dollars upgrading their network equipment but the cabling often gets little, if any, attention.
When determining which communication platform is best suited to a particular businessís need, when does convergence make sense?
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